Car perfume Black Pepper & Amber, Neroli (UAE oil), 10 ml

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rich and long-lasting creation of the famous perfume brand Black Pepper & Amber, Neroli boasts a huge amount of natural ingredients in its composition. The Israeli company itself has a truly unique vision of creativity, which lies in the extremely concise and even minimalistic design of its bottles. Upon closer examination of these works, a strong feeling is created that we are in an old European perfume shop, where this fragrant smell was prepared in a single copy and especially for us. The tag on the bottle made of dark glass seems to be hand-signed by the author of the work and increases the value of the elixir itself. Black Pepper & Amber, Neroli is a masterpiece of many wonderful ingredients that harmoniously resonate with each other. However, the most distinct tones here can unmistakably be called the astringency of black pepper, the mystical cloud of amber and exotic fresh neroli. Although claimed to be universal, this perfume has a very distinct masculine accentuation, painting a portrait of a man confident in himself and his ambitions, not without a mysterious glint in his eyes. Black Pepper & Amber, Neroli will give a real aromatic ecstasy to lovers of very deep and bright fragrances for everyday wear or an evening out.
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